Deborah Daw

Instructor, Trainer, Instructional Designer, Web Designer

Deborah Daw 

If it has to do with computers or learning, let me at it...

When I was young.

The hardest part about registering for my first college classes was narrowing down my interests to one and only one major. Then it would have been easy to pick classes. When it's tough to narrow down from ten or five to two or one, then standing in the registration line is full of pressure!

In the end, after changing majors three times while waiting in line, I majored (the first time I went to college) in psychology.

And then I grew up.

Years later. No psychology degree, but I do have a bachelors from Governors State University in Illinois; and I have extensive experience with computers--software, hardware, training, helping others learn.

Presently, I do business-to-business consulting and training, design Web sites, provide Web hosting services, provide instructional design services & support, teach at the high school and college level (computer classes).

This is the short version, of course.

If I were to take a cookie cutter to portions of my life, a different section would show very different skill sets being put to use. But the slice in this article can be summed up, "If it has to do with computers or learning, let me at it!"